The PMDD Treatment Miracle
Cure Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder Naturally!

Are You Sick of The Cycle Of Destructive Mood Swings, Irritability, Anxiety, Pain, And Generally Feeling Out Of Control Every Month?

In just a few short weeks you can be rid of all these problems naturally, permanently, and without drugs of any kind with a PMDD treatment miracle!


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pmdd pain relief
Eliminate pain from bloating, headaches, migraines and cramps in just 12 hours!
pmdd mood control

Normalize your moods and temper during this period so that you never feel out of control again, and never end up saying or doing things that hurt the ones you love any more!

pmdd and depression

Completely eliminate the feelings of hopelessness, depression and even suicidal thoughts that can incapacitate you during PMDD!

pmdd diet

End binge eating and other compulsive activities that control your life when PMDD hits!

pmdd cure

Completely control Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and eliminate all its symptoms in just 2 months - naturally - no drugs - right down to the root cause of PMDD!


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Have amazing amounts of boundless energy without fatigue, lethargy, and apathy that PMDD can cause.

pmdd sex drive Improve your sex drive to normal or better than normal levels while massively improving the quality of love making due to better mental, and physical health.

better relationships pmdd Greatly improve your relationships with your partner, children, friends and family who have had to watch you suffer and bear the brunt of your instability for so many years.

ormonal balance pmdd Achieve a better internal balance inside of you. Balancing hormones, mind, and spirit which has far reaching benefits for your overall health.

pmdd and control Always be stable, and in control of your own mind and body no matter what life throws at you!

life quality and pmdd Have a better overall quality of life for yourself and those around you!

Dear PMDD Sufferer,

My name is Jane Pritchard and I was once like you. I dreaded the coming of my period as i know every month, like clockwork, I would experience a change in myself that bordered on insanity! Like the flicking a switch inside my head I would just lose control and become like another person, one that was moody and irritable one moment, then angry and psychotic the next. Then I would get intense migraines and cramping then finally I become a pitiful, sad, crying mess. I was a terror to my family and ashamed of my actions.

What made it worse was that for many years this was not even a known condition! I was simply labeled as crazy for a large portion of the year and was the butt of many PMS jokes while I silently suffered from a real condition!

If this sounds anything like you - I feel your pain, and I want to help you!

You see, I do not suffer from these problems anymore because I discovered a treatment plan that involved all natural remedies and methods that no doctor I saw would tell me about because they were too busy trying to get me to buy anti-depressant pills and other drugs. I was sick of these short term, ineffective band aid measures. I was tired of living a life of dread and despair. I wanted a REAL long term solution and so did everyone close to me!

It was time for drastic measures. I quit my job (thanks to my long suffering husband!) for an indefinite period and took up studying natural, holistic health as well as psychology, motivation and planning because I wanted to cure PMDD- for good! What I found shocked me though! It shocked me that the mainstream health professionals could be so short sighted and sometimes even downright wrong about this condition even if it was only official diagnosed in 2007!

Many doctors did not believe it existed and were simply pushing renamed anti-depressant drugs onto women without really thinking about what was actually going on in their bodies at all!

I Found The Real Root Causes of PMDD

No doctor will sit you down and explain these things to you as half of them do not know, many of them do not care, and the remaining few who do understand it are simply too busy, or ill equipped to give you the help you really need.

What you need is to understand what is really happening in your body that leads to the craziness that is PMDD. This is not something that is "just in your head" as some might have you believe. This is not just something that we are women just have to "put up with", the root causes of PMDD are very real - very physical - and something we can actually do something about in a natural and holistic way!

That's right - no drugs ever again to try to 'normalize' yourself in anyway. Just a few changes in your life that are incredibly easy to do and suddenly, like magic, you will get to that time of the month and feel nothing but a natural cycle without any pain and madness!

Your body is telling you that there is something wrong precisely because you are feeling these symptoms. Your body is actually very good at telling you what the problems inside yourself are, we have just been vastly ill informed about how to read those things. When you can read these problems and also understand the science behind them then you can fine turn your body to get rid of PMDD forever!

  • What if you could look at these symptoms and know exactly what is causing them?
  • What if you could determine exactly what parts of your life lead to these dysfunction?
  • What if you knew exactly how to deal with each part to bring your body back into balance to solve the PMDD puzzle once and for all?
  • What if you had the exact step-by-step, blueprint instructions to be able to achieve this and get your life back fast?

Well there is no need to wonder anymore, because there is something that can allow you to have all these things!


The PMDD Treatment Miracle


This is the culmination of all my research and all of my testing with myself and other women who have followed this advice. This is the no holds barred, no BS information and action plan that you need to completely extinguish the madness, pain and suffering that you and your loved ones are forced to go through every month.

This is a treatment for PMDD that will have your body miraculously heal itself of the internal problems it is suffering from! However there is a catch. You need to commit to change because the miracle in this treatment comes from within - not from without. I am not claiming I can produce a miracle at all, I do claim that you body, given the right fuel and treatment, can change the way it functions which is a miracle of nature in itself! So I want to make this clear.

This is NOT a cure all pill.

This is NOT a tonic, potion or herbal remedy that claims to heal all.


This is NOT a new age "positive thinking cures all" kind of thing.


This is NOT a set of bloated pages full of fluff and empty promises.


This does NOT use any sort of drug pr pharmaceutical medicine.


This is NOT a scam, or designed to fleece you in any way.


These are the sorts of things that are sold to women who is suffering from a disorder or health issue every day. These are the promises of the quick fix self help industry that thrives off your pain and suffering and does nothing but provide you with an easy to swallow placebo.

If you are here then you are probably desperate for a solution to PMDD and with good cause. I do not want to prey on that, I want to help you to help yourself!

So this is nothing of the sort of thing listed above. Instead what I want to provide for you is a road map to the three main components of any lifestyle change that is essential for natural healing of any health problem.


The information to understand your condition, your body, and root causes that need to be addressed.

The solutions to address the core issues and deal with the symptoms in day to day life.


The framework, planning and motivation that you will have to do to make this successful.

That's right, planning and motivation. This is not a one shot pill and deep down you know that nothing like that will work because you - like me - may have already tried that with anti-depressant drugs fed to you by doctors and other medication designed to MASK the problems and not CURE them.

This is a SYSTEM, and one that is effective, easy to manage and follow, and produces RESULTS which is the bottom line. I want you to use this and feel that amazing feeling or normality and balance in the lead up to you period that you have not experiences for a long, long time. I want you too to feel that elation and joy of realizing your body is working like the well oiled machine that it is suppose to be. I want you to look at your loved ones again and know they are at ease and happy again because YOU are at ease, happy and healthy.

Does It Work For Everyone?

I cannot speak for every women with PMDD on the planet (and there are a lot of us!), but I can tell you that the concepts and science in this treatment is universal to all women. While everyone's genetics are slightly different I do not see how anyone could not gain a massive improvement in their menstrual health, mental health, and overall health, from following the exact same steps that I did to cure my PMDD.

But don't just take my word for it. I have given this same recipe for success to 50 other women before I made this site and here is just some of the feedback I have received:


liz"I almost did not realise what time of the month it was. It was my Bill (her husband) that first told me that I was looking and behaving incredibly well. He said it was the first time in 5 years he was feeling relaxed and not anxious and nervous because of me.

I nearly broke down and cried it just felt so much better. That was last month, this month is the same. It is GONE ... what can i say! :)"

Liz Inglis
Ontario, Canada

s s


kathryn"I just wanted to report back that I was still feeling pretty shitty last month - but definitely not as bad. I was a bit doubtful it was your program though so I really followed it exactly to the letter this month.

This is the first time in about three years that I have not had recurring suicidal thoughts because of PMDD. The headaches have eased up hugely as well. I am going to keep on with this because you are really onto something Jane."

Kathryn Lee
New York, USA

s s


stephan"Thanks you once again for the copy of your book Jane. Just a little background on Laura. She has had extreme PMS for as long as I have known her which we now realize is PMDD. She would range from sullenness and headaches to extreme violent outbursts and violent actions on many occasion. It has frequently interfered with her work, our marriage, and our children. She took some anti-depressant drugs for a while but they made her feel worse and she couldn't sleep properly making her just as irritable and hurting her health.

In any case, she hates doctors, and she is very proud so never seeks help for herself so i was a bit nervous about giving her the book but I tried when she was in a good mood and she said she would attempt it. I will email you if it has any impact in a few months, can you please remind me too?"

10 weeks later

"Well, what a change from a few weeks ago. Laura has made a remarkable turn around and is getting better every week. It took some coaxing and help but she stuck with your plan and she is a very different person now before her period. Not only this but she says she feels like she has a lot more energy and gets headaches and bowel problems a lot less too. I really do believe that this regime is working incredibly well ... much better than I had anticipated as I can be quite cynical. Laura says thank you."

Stephan Savlovski (For his wife Laura)
Florida, USA

s s

Do You Want An Experience Like This?

Well you can, because there is everything you need in one complete package that will give you back a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy outlook on life because YOU will have control of your moods and body once more. Here are just a few of the things you will learn from the PMDD treatment miracle!

Eliminate pain from bloating, headaches, migraines and cramps in just 12 hours!

Normalize your moods and temper during this period so that you never feel out of control again, and never end up saying or doing things that hurt the ones you love any more!


Completely eliminate the feelings of hopelessness, depression and even suicidal thoughts that can incapacitate you during PMDD!


End binge eating and other compulsive activities that control your life when PMDD hits!


Completely control Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and eliminate all its symptoms in just 2 months - naturally - no drugs - right down to the root cause of PMDD!

Sounds Too Good to Be True Right?

I understand that you might be skeptical, especially after ages of trying to overcome this problem yourself using every tip and trick you can find to no avail. I bet it might feel just too easy and your warning siren in your head have started flashing. I know how you feel because I have the same skeptical voice inside my head too at times and it is there for a reason.

Here is why you should consider this though. As I said, this is not snake oil, this is not some cure all pill, this is not some bizarre device from late night infomercial channels. This is a system, a proven regime of natural lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements that all link to each other to create a more balanced you. This is probably what your doctor has recommended outside of the drugs but never goes into any real depth on the details because they do not really know!

I want to help I really do, so I am also offering this safe guard if you are still on the fence. I am giving you a 60 day complete money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase! This is an iron clad promise to you, if you do not see results I do not want your money. I want to hear fabulous emails of women changing their lives for the better and that is what I get, but should you not find results from this I am just happy you tried and you can get your money back AND keep the entire guide anyway!


Bonus Item!

Included for absolutely free with your copy of The PMDD Treatment Miracle are 7 Activity Sheets that help you further understand the content in the main book AND create a step-by-step action plan that will bring you lasting success in your PMDD recovery!

How To Get Started

Getting started on The PMDD Treatment Miracle is a snap!. The cost of this guide is just $37! And even though this cost is very reasonable (the price of a nice bottle of wine but does more for you!), and it is a totally risk free purchase, here is what really matters.

If this guide was just another jumbled pile of disjointed healthy living information that gave no real targeted PMDD benefits, it would frustrate you, waste your time, and leave you even more depressed with your condition if it cost $1 or $100.

However, if you start to feel the improvements in your moods, your mental health, in your physical condition, and in the relationships around you - just how much is that worth to you? For me, it was worth every hour of research, every moment of sacrifice of my old lifestyle, every ache and pain I got from my new exercise regime. I cannot tell you what it is worth to you, but In want you to ask yourself that question.

So, if you know it is time to get rid of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder forever and you are ready to take this on with the step-by-step roadmap to success, then the fastest way to do this is by purchasing a copy of the PMDD treatment miracle with a secure online order that will grant you instant access to this guide in an ebook format. It doesn't matter if it is 3am in the morning even - you will be able to start reading within a few minutes!

Limited-Time Offer!

If you are seeing this message then you are still eligible for a limited-time price on this guide!

Advertising costs have gone up so I cannot sustain this price of just $37 for very long. Act now before the price must go up!



Special Price $37


As this is an E-Book you will receive no physical product. To cut down on the expense of printing a book and to give the fastest delivery time - you will download this guide as a PDF document which can be viewed from any computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader


To ensure the absolute safety of your online purchase, the PMDD Treatment Miracle purchase will be handled by the internet's most trusted online purchasing system that guarantees complete privacy and full customer support.


The screen after you click on the order button will be on clickbank's secure server which will process the purchase then direct you to the download page.


Your bank account will show CLKBNK*COM for the purchase and you will a confirmation email as well.


Please Feel Free To Comment and Ask Questions!

March 15th, 2011 - 20:43

What is in the book?  Does is recommend natural supplements?  Certain exercises?  Specific diet?

I am working with a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, doing all kinds of lab work...but it is taking so long to get to bottom of my PMDD and hormone imbalances!!!  I believe she would "know" what to do for me if she had more than 10 min. to spend with me and not a hundred other patients to take care of as well  :(

Thank you for a response to questions.

Jane Pritchard - PMDD Treatment Miracle Author
March 18th, 2011 - 21:15

Hi Missy,

This book details a number of different options that need to be put together in a plan of action that will holistically create the conditions needed to normalise the hormonal levels and eliminate the symptoms of PMDD and the root causes as well.

Diet, supplements, exercises both mental, and physical are all covered as well as some other alternative treatments that can be useful as well. It also comes with a set of activity sheets to help you understand and plan out your PMDD treatment regime.

This way you can administer your own cure for PMDD and not have to wait for your doctor who is very busy as you mentioned. I believe in taking control of your own health which can be done more easily than you might think!

gina fatica
March 21st, 2011 - 09:54

Is there any way to give a brief explanation of what this will incur? I don't want to buy the book if it's not something i can do ... how much do you change your diet? how much do the supplements cost?

Jane Pritchard - PMDD Treatment Miracle Author
March 24th, 2011 - 03:44

Hi Gina,

Nothing in this book is overly difficult to do. Most of the additional supplements can also be purchased online or at a local health food store and how much you change your diet will be more about consistency than radical changes - but this depends on what your diet is now. It does not involve any dangerous fasting or extreme dieting, but there are some elements you will need to stick with!

Supplements range in cost and each one is aimed at particular symptoms so you will probably not have to get all of them. However like any ongoing treatment this will involve some extra outlay over time. However as your PMDD eases you will rely on these less and less as your body comes back to a more normal hormonal state.

I hope that helps!

March 26th, 2011 - 07:19

Hi, I'm trying to get pregnant, by IUI and this means using hormone drugs for 5 days a month starting on day 2 of my period. Then I have to use progesterone suppositories for two weeks after insemination, then stop and see if I'm pregnant. If successful (once out of three tries so far), I then need to continue with the progesterone for the first trimester. Some people say not to take supplements (except folic acid) when having this treatment. By the way, the first pregnancy didnt work and died at 6 weeks. Can I follow your plan now, while I'm trying to get pregnant? My PMDD is bad enough to have probably contributed me losing my job recently and also some awful, very temporary, suicidal feelings that just disappear once my period arrives (thankgod).

Jane Pritchard - PMDD Treatment Miracle Author
April 28th, 2011 - 03:33

Hi Karen,

The hormone drugs may be causing a lot of problems as PMDD at its root is a hormonal disorder. I believe that every part of this treatment that does not include supplements will be of use to you, (such as dietary changes, some alternative treatments, and other lifestyle changes) but perhaps check with your doctor about the various herbal and vitamins supplements before you use those first as to not mess with the pregnancy.

Best of luck to you! I hope it goes well! :)

Barbara Clark
May 26th, 2011 - 18:05


I have a 14 yr. old granddaughter who is exhibiting severe signs of PMDD. It's like she has PMS ten fold.  Her mother demonstrated the same types of behavior and now at 35 struggles to understand why she is addicted to all sorts of medications that help her with her depression, pain, and anxiety.  I don't want to see my granddaughter sprial as did her mother, let alone think that she's crazy. I'm trying to understand the impact PMDD has a woman's (let alone child's) life. I look forward to reading your book.  Thank you for reaching those who feel like they have no where to turn!  Believe heart goes out to "all" the women who suffer with PMDD.  At least, thanks to you, Jane, they know there's HOPE! 

Jane Pritchard - PMDD Treatment Miracle Author
June 2nd, 2011 - 04:21

Hi Barbara,

I do hope it helps and your grand daughter can control her PMDD. The earlier you make change in life the better so wish her all the best for me!

June 1st, 2011 - 16:55

I am having symptons of PMDD. My doctor prescribed me on sarafem but it is not working. She now prescribed me on cymbalta. i don't know what to do. Every month I feel like my life falls apart. I can't take this anymore. Please help. I do not feel like reading a book will help. Thanks.

Jane Pritchard - PMDD Treatment Miracle Author
June 2nd, 2011 - 04:46

Hi Brandi,

An ebook will not help you, you are right. It is the actions you take AFTER you read the book that will help!

This book has two parts and goals.

1. The information on how you can naturally treat PMDD to reduce its impact on your life.

2. A plan you can follow so you can implement these changes you need to make for this PMDD treatment to have a lasting effect.

There are a number of natural remedies and lifestyle choices you have to take, but these things will all have an effect on your hormones, and your PMDD in the end.

Feel free to try it, and if it does not work you get every penny pack AND keep the book as well I am that confident this will help you.

Best of luck!

Colleen Smith
June 5th, 2011 - 16:52

Is there a way to purchase your book without a credit card? I personally don't have one but I know I have been suffering for years many systems of PMDD. I do not want to go on any drugs and as a mother of four children, I really can't afford financially to be taking a prescription daily. I am desperate to find something that works so I can get back to being my childrens mom again and not the angry unapproachable person I become every month.

Jane Pritchard - PMDD Treatment Miracle Author
June 18th, 2011 - 19:31

Hi Colleen,

There are ways that you purchase things online without a credit card.

1. Paypal - ( ) You can sign up to this site which is the most trusted way of paying online. You can link your bank account directly to paypal without a credit card and do direct debits from your account. This is very secure, I used it a lot myself even though i have a credit card :)

2. Visa Gift Cards - I believe that you can buy a one use credit card from visa at convenience stores and other places that you can pay in cash, and have that amount stored on this card which can be used online. I have not done this but heard it is quite easy if this is offered where you live.

I hope that helps!

June 25th, 2011 - 07:16

I have been a long time sufferer of PMDD, but it seems that my symptoms are all that you have listed and more as I seem to have a complete disconnect of body and self along with dizziness alot. I now have and IUD in and it has seemed to help alot but now it seems when I do finally have a cycle it seems to last and last now but it only comes maybe every 3 months now. Would this still help even with an IUD being used is my question?

Jane Pritchard - PMDD Treatment Miracle Author
July 1st, 2011 - 05:17

Hi Kelly,

The methods used in the guide should have no adverse effect with you having a IUD. The hormonal balances that are out of sync might be on a different cycle, but the treatments are the same, and quite universal. If you have any concerns, always see your doctor before doing anything - but I think you will find this PMDD treatment to be very complimentary.

July 1st, 2011 - 03:06

I seachred a bunch of sites and this was the best.

July 4th, 2011 - 10:17

How do you address PMDD in a youth that has had her menstrual cycle since age 8? Is the book only targeted towards adults

Jane Pritchard - PMDD Treatment Miracle Author
July 5th, 2011 - 08:05

Hi Portia,

That is quite early isn't it! In any case, all the methods described in this book will be applicable to any age. If they are a teenager now though their hormones are still fluctuating so it can be a little difficult to judge progress some months. However it will help level it out a little more and reduce, if not eliminate PMDD. IT will also help them create new and better habits in their life that will continue to help their menstrual and hormonal health into the future.

July 29th, 2011 - 10:53

I am going to get your book. This is my last ditch effort. Suicidal thoughts are worsening and I'm afraid if I'm in the wrong place during these PMDD times, I just may not see a reason to stay. I'm tired of it. I'm so fearful every month not knowing how bad it's going to be this time. I'm in the midst of PMDD right now & I get to where I even hate God for doing this to women. 

Shaun Fackrell
August 23rd, 2011 - 14:53

I believe my wife suffers from PMDD. we are newly married and her attacks on me are devastating. Besides clearing room for her rage, is there any kind of advice you could give me until I can purchase your book. I Love my wife dearly and I need help.

Jane Pritchard - PMDD Treatment Miracle Author
August 24th, 2011 - 05:31

Hi Shaun,

It is a difficult situation to be in for sure and you are doing the right thing trying to help. Initial advice is to be aware of your wife’s menstrual cycle so you know when the PMDD may start to show and when it will go. When she is not in this stage also make sure that you talk to her about it but NEVER place any blame on her. Also do not make the conversation about yourself and your feelings - make this about helping her be happy and healthy. You sound like the sort of guys who will do this however :)

The main reason for this is that even if you do buy the book your wife MUST be on board with the idea of making a lot of changes in her life to combat PMDD. If she only does a few things, or does them half heartedly then it will not work to any great degree and you might be back at square one.

Communication and dedication are they key. Good luck Shaun!

August 27th, 2011 - 16:40

Hi Jane

I have recently linked all my mood swings and emotional disruptions to my cycle,the truth is though,even if I eliminate all that is making the symtoms worse,I have probably already lost the one I love the most-my husband.I have been really mean.I have all symptoms from your list.I have given birth two our beautiful baby girls-few months ago and I was a different person during pregnancy-nothing would bother me or set me up.I was hoping for that beautifully fulfilling and caring ''ME'' to last forever,but it all came back and even worse.I do not drink or smoke and exercise, eat healthy and take all natural that I came across with as I am not really fond of antidepressants or hormones.I am low on iron and anemic and take iron pills and b-vitamins every day as well as capsules of evening primrose oil and AGNUS CASTUS drops.Nothing seems to be helpful enough so far.Wishing you all the best!!!


Jane Pritchard - PMDD Treatment Miracle Author
September 4th, 2011 - 01:41

Hi Lenka,

I am so sorry to hear of the difficulty with your husband due to PMDD. This just illustrates how this hormonal disorder can destroy lives if not kept in check! You sound like you are doing a lot of things right but after a pregnancy the hormones will be even more in flux for a while so any problems might even be amplified. I hope you are finding things are getting better - if not please take a look at my eBook - it might be able to help you!

September 29th, 2011 - 09:44

Is there any other way to get this book other than a download? I am very interested as I suffer from PMDD & have done so for many years. I have an appointment next week & was so ready to request Sarafem because it worked for me in the past but I am looking for an all natural way to help my disorder. I hope this can help. I have nothing to lose but so much to gain if it works!! I also get severe acne during my "time". Do you see that as a symptom?

Jane Pritchard - PMDD Treatment Miracle Author
October 17th, 2011 - 02:02

Hi Daliah,

At the moment I can only supply the guide as a downloadable ebook. You are free to print a copy of the guide out after you download it however if you prefer to read it as a hard copy.

Acne is definitely a symptoms of PMDD. The hormonal fluctuations affect women in different ways but many will experience breakouts of acne during this time. If it clear up after your period starts like the other symptoms of PMDD then you can be pretty certain it is linked to PMDD and is not a disorder of another type. Good skin care is essential but treating the underlying condition will help to clear it up in time as well.

I wish you the best of luck dear. I hope you get a copy and can clear this problem up without the drugs as it is so much better for your overall health as well as PMDD!

October 29th, 2011 - 10:49

I have just been diagnosed with PMDD. I have been suffering with all of the symptoms for a while now. My doctor perscribed Zoloft and it made me more depressed. The doctor suggested I see a psychiatrist. I am so afraid to go through my mestrual cycle again, knowing what is ahead of me. Are there any tips you can give me to prepare myself and not take it out on my family?

Jane Pritchard - PMDD Treatment Miracle Author
October 29th, 2011 - 18:53

Hi Gina,

It is not an overnight process to reduce PMDD but there are a number of things you can do to lessen the impact as you work on it.

1. Tell Your Family - They probably already know, but make a concerted effort to get your family to help you and be patient with you during this time.

2. Stress - The panic and stress pre-PMDD will cause all sorts of hormonal imbalances even before the real trouble starts. Good rest and being able to relax will make your PMDD much less of a problem. This is easier said than done but if you are aware of the pre-PMDD panic and how it is bad you can take steps to end it. Once

3. Rest - Poor sleeping patterns are something you can adjust to help. Too little and too much sleep are not good for the body's internal balance. Going to bed at the same time each night and waking up at the same time helps calibrate your hormones better. A good 8 hour sleep each night make a big impact.

4. Reduce sugar - Sugary foods can also lead to hormonal imbalance. Reducing sugar and processed foods is very helpful as well.

I explain these things and much more in great detail in my eBook but sleep, diet, stress and working with your family can help ease things in the short term as you implement a long term plan.

I really do hope that helps Gina. God bless and never give up!

November 1st, 2011 - 11:41

Hi Jane. I'm currently having HRT for PMDD (or as in the UK, it's PMS and PMT is PMS). I was first misdiagnosed as Borderline Personality Disorder (this is now on my medical notes for life and has quite a few potentially serious connotations) to which I have been undergoing treatment for (dialectical behaviour therapy) over a year. I thought I had found my saving grace after 8 years when I was told by my PMS Nurse that quite few women come through the clinic after being misdiagnosed with BPD, however, at the moment I'm in a state of recovery from being given the wrong dosage of Oestrogen which, combined with my own Oestrogen, stopped my period, increased my weight by a stone (2 dress sizes) in less than a month; left me with mastitis as well as being in my PMDD state for 8 weeks -basically a shadow of my former self. I now feel that Iím at a lose end and hoping your book may help? Is the book was available in actual book format and if I could have it posted to the UK? Or even an audio book? I'm a vegetarian with lots of allergies would the book be ok for me? I've done a low-carb diet before which helped for a while but it was more than impossible to sustain after a couple of years. I also suffer from PCOS - do you know/think there is a link? Many thanks for your time Hana London, UK

Jane Pritchard - PMDD Treatment Miracle Author
November 3rd, 2011 - 05:52

Hi Hana,

Being misdiagnosed is such an awful thing to go through. I also believe that HRT is NOT the solution to curing PMDD so would advise you to stop that treatment because it sounds like it is really hurting your physical and mental health.

What this eBook does is give you a real plan on how to bring your hormones back into balance which will stop conditions like PMDD as your body and brain will be in harmony and the systems that keep your moods under control will be working like a well oiled machine.

I also DO believe that PCOS and PMDD suffer from the same root causes of hormonal imbalances. I do not know if my guide will also fix PCOS, but I am convinced it will make a difference to that condition as well.

This is also not a low carb diet. They are actually not that good for your health - they just 'cheat' your way to weight loss yu reducing the amount of water in your body more than actual real fat loss. As for being a vegetarian and allergies - this might make it a little more difficult in some parts - but I believe you can work around that. I am happy to help consult with you about any dietary changes that might be needed though.

I currently do not have the capability to make printed copies or audio books - but you are free to download the book after purchase and print your own copy out if this is easier for you. This should be pretty quick and painless if you would like to do it this way - if you do not have a printer take the files on a disk or USB drive you your local library and they should be able to help you.

I hope that helps Hana, please let me know if you have any other questions!

November 14th, 2011 - 01:20

I have been suffering from this condition for over ten years now. A couple of years after I got my first period, I just could not take it anymore. I went to the doctor and she gave me prozac. It helped and I even tryed St. Johns Wort. But I always have some kind of bad reaction to these medications. I hate my doctors because they never cared to treat my problem. They only wanted to treat the symptoms! I even tryed Lutera (birth control)and it actually made things worse. I had insomnia, constipation and some other female problems while I was on that pill.It made my Pmdd worse because I had a lot more depression while on it. And whats worse is that I actually still have those problems. I stopped the birth control in January of this year.I think that the pill altered my hormones,but my doctors desagree with me. And this makes me mad as they did not even consider the possibilty that it did. I never had any of these problems in my life untill I started on that pill,all I ever had was the depression and anger that comes with pmdd. Can birth control change your hormones and bring lasting affects to your body even months after stopping them? I am going to buy your book and I really am happy that your helping people treat the actual root causes of the problem. I just wanted to say thank you so much!

Jane Pritchard - PMDD Treatment Miracle Author
November 14th, 2011 - 02:54

Hi Lamara,

I wish your story was not so common because it breaks my heart to still see doctors behaving in this way! There is a certain lack of respect and lack of empathy that some medical professionals need to fix or they will continue to hurt women like yourself - I am so sorry for your experience, I know EXACTLY how you feel to be pumped full of drugs that make you feel sick and only mask a few symptoms while creating more!

I am not a scientists or a medical professional so I can only speak form the research I have done - but I believe that different women react differently to birth control. Mostly the hormones should fall back to normal levels in about a week - but some women can take longer.

My belief is that when you already have hormonal problems like PMDD, birth control can cause problems for a lot longer as your menstrual cycle struggles to get back to normal.

There are also studies that have shown that birth control can cause elevated levels of testosterone in women as well which can lead to PCOS and I am certain PMDD as well.

In any case, the only way to fix this is a holistic approach to balancing your hormones which will take time and effort but once started can lead to a huge stabilisation of hormones and your moods. I hope the book helps you achieve this. Once you start seeing improvements go back to your doctors and tell them. Maybe they will learn something!

November 23rd, 2011 - 14:18

hi Jane, Ive never heard about PMDD. When you are women being crazy before period, is a normal thing but when you have crazy thoughts about suicide then is something wrong. And this is my story, at first I thought I have a depression (all time home with kids) but I felt low only before period and after everything was ok. I didnt go to doctor as do not wanna take any pills (Im blood donor) and thats why Im looking for other treatments. Im curious if your book come as an attachment to mail? Greetings from Polish in UK

Jane Pritchard - PMDD Treatment Miracle Author
November 24th, 2011 - 05:27

Hi Ola,

If you had that depression only before your period then it went away after it started you very well might have PMDD yes. Only a trained medical professional can give you an absolute disgnosis, but my eBook gives you guidelines to self diagnose yourself as an informational guideline.

If you purchase the book you will be directed to a page where you can download the files to read on your computer so yes, kind of like an email - it is all digital :)

April 3rd, 2012 - 14:41

Hi Jane, Do you know if there is some sort of online network or message boards to talk with people who are also suffering from PMDD? I feel so alone when the moods and out of control feelings set in. I'm open to reading the book and giving it a try, but was hoping you or someone who comes across this post might know of an outlet to help with coping until it can possibly be controlled. Thank you in advance!

April 6th, 2012 - 05:18

I jus got your book. I am under a PMDD attack. All the worst you can imagine. My doctors just want to dope me with antidepresants, so i am sweating this alone. I just got your book. i really hope it helps because I am at the edge...and totatly hopeless.

Kelly Beveridge
June 13th, 2012 - 22:03

I am so tired of feeling horrible and not feeling like "myself"--for years! Finding your website has given me some hope that I can get "me" back one day. In the last 3 years, my doctors say that I have hypothyroidism, vit D deficiency, and depression.....which all could make anyone feel pretty yucky......but I still feel like there's something more......I just don't feel like "me". I want my life back! Thanks for your help!!

Jane Pritchard - PMDD Treatment Miracle Author
June 14th, 2012 - 05:54

Hi Kelly,

So wonderful to hear that! I really hope you find what you need to get your health and life back on track! :)

July 11th, 2012 - 13:06

I am hoping your book will be the end to this nightmare. I stopped birth control pills 9 months ago after being on them for 12 years. I am 28 now so basically my whole menstrating life I have been on birth control and I don't know my own body or how it's supposed to work. Anyway my problems now are depression,anxiety,hopelessness,crying,constantly worrying about my health thinking there is always something killing me. I am just not myself and I want my life back so bad as I was always a very happy carefree person that never cried or worried. I don't enjoy anything anymore. I am wondering if all of this is caused by me going off of birth control and my body cannot get things working as they should. Also is this something that will get better with time. I wonder if my body was just used to getting the hormone dose from the BCP and now does not know how to make its own.I have tried multiple supplements and progesterone cream but still have all of the anxiety and problems. Please help as I am driving myself and my husband crazy. 

Jane Pritchard - PMDD Treatment Miracle Author
July 26th, 2012 - 05:01

Hi Amy,


Jane Pritchard - PMDD Treatment Miracle Author
July 26th, 2012 - 05:22

It is such an awful condition. I think you may have pinpointed the reason with the birth control pills though. Long term use of hem can mess with your hormones ... but I do not think they will be permanently affected.

In the short term though your body will need a lot of help to normalise your hormone levels which it is probably not used to. The guide will certainly help with that as well as targeting some of the more nasty symptoms directly with herbal remedies. This will not happen in a few days, it can take weeks or even months to have a significant impact - but most customers I talk to say they can fel the difference after a few weeks and it just gets better and better after that.

I cannot be absolutely sure it was the birth control but it certainly makes sense to me.

July 25th, 2012 - 09:01

I was thinking of purchasing your book however I'm worried about the supplement information. I'm hoping there is enough information besides that, that will hekp me. I have been suffering my whole life and lately it has gotten worse in the last two years. Everytime I try to take the supplements that people recommend it aggrivates the IBS I get around my time of the month. Do you think this book will help me even if I can't take all the supplements?

Jane Pritchard - PMDD Treatment Miracle Author
July 26th, 2012 - 05:15

Hi Lina,

Supplements are just one part of the whole process. They are important but there is plenty of other information that will make an impact in reducing the severity of your PMDD and managing it til it no longer bothers you.

You also do not need to take ALL the supplements listed. I have a grid showing which supplements are good for which symptom so you should be able to pick and choose the ones best for you and avoid the ones that might cause a reaction.

If you find it is too difficult without the supplements I am always happy to offer a refund within 60 days though. I always prefer people to at least give it a try first and see if it can help! :)

August 31st, 2012 - 16:38

help! my pmdd is getting husband threatens divorce at the same time every month and my kids hide from me :( and so does the dog it's not fair..

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